Why Should You Trust SunnySide For Your Living Needs?

If you're like most folks, you value your comfort. And that means you don't just want to live anywhere, you want to live somewhere you are proud to call your home. Afterall, home is your castle, home is your paradise, home is the one thing that will always provide warmth and stability in a world of uncertainty.

Your home is close to all the things that matter most, like grocery stores, restaurants, schools and the crisp aroma of mother nature's bounty. You feel excitement coming home to a clean and modern environment. And you are relaxed, knowing that if anything were to disrupt that environment, the friendly property manager is a quick message away from putting things back in order again.

SunnySide is committed to providing a rental experience unlike any other by meeting and exceeding our customer needs by having all properties we manage adhere to the 5 W's. Our friendly staff are dedicated to creating lasting relationships with our customers by providing customer service that is second to none. For this, we are confident that you will glow with joy in your new rental home.

Meet The 5 W's

What's Inside?

We live in a modern era and you deserve to have access to modern materials. Say goodbye to old musty smelling wood and dated ugly colors from decades long since forgotten. We offer homes that have modern finishings and use clean, safe materials that create a functional living space that you can feel healthy in.

What's Around?

You value your time. That's why we measure in minutes rather than kilometers. We ensure that we only offer homes that are in a reasonable distance to schools, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and other major amenities. Let us shorten that travel time so you can get back to what you enjoy most.

Who's Around?

A home can't be a home unless it's in a safe friendly neighbourhood. Few people enjoy living in a community where your neighbours don't lend a cup of sugar or watch your goldfish for the weekend. Which is why we offer homes that are surrounded by down to earth folk that look out for one another.

What Can I Do?

What makes a home...well... homey, its the freedom to be as you are under your roof. We want you to feel and be yourself in your home, that's why we implement, where possible, the ability to bring your furry friends along. After all they are apart of the family :)

Would Mom Approve?

We love our mothers and would only provide the best to her. We ask ourselves for every property whether or not we would rent the home to our mother. Simple, yes. But it ensures that all the other points work together as a whole to make a real home, just like Ma' would like.

Are You Ready To Experience The SunnySide Of Renting?

For a detailed list of our criteria, or if you are interested in having SunnySide Manage your property, please see the Property Owners page.

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