Who Else Wants A Comfortable Home In A Safe Neighbourhood?

There are more folks that feel they have "just a place to live" and very few that feel like they have somewhere they can call home. Truth is, Regina has many properties that are old and dated and although there are lots of new buildings, many of them are at the furthest reaches of the city, making it hard to get to anything that matters most. These new buildings are also often smaller than a broom closet and although they look nice, these "micro-suites" are a nightmare to live in (just imagine watching netflix without being able to stretch out your legs, or using the stove top as a cutting board because you have no room to prepare your meal).

Even if you do find a nice clean property in the right location there is a good chance that the person managing it is not trained or personally invested in your comfort. Bottom line is: there aren't enough good properties with the right managers in Regina, and many of the good ones are already taken.

Let us be the first to tell you, you're not alone in the painful search for a true home to rent in Regina. We too have poured over kijiji ads for hours, gone to properties that we thought would be amazing but turned out to be complete duds, and have talked to the property managers that somehow called themselves "professionals". It was out of the same frustrations that you feel which led us to to create a better experience for the good hearted folks in Regina. This is how SunnySide was born. Click the button below to find out what makes SunnySide so unique.

Why SunnySide

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