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Kayla Adam | Customer Experience Ninja

Kayla Adam is a true Saskatchewan farm girl. She grew up on a farm outside of MacNutt. A small place so small you'd miss it if you blinked. Kayla's family farm, nicknamed SunnySide, has been in the family name for over 100 years. The love that went into turning this patch of dirt into something more inviting is evident everywhere you turn. The massive garden is bursting with mouth watering vegetables, The barn is always full of fuzzy kittens. And the whole homestead is surrounded by large beautiful elm trees, wonderful smelling flowers and vibrant green grass.

To Kayla the farm will always be home, but she always knew that much more waited for her outside of the small town. Kayla has lived in Regina for 4 years now and enjoys the large city opportunities coupled with the small town atmosphere. One thing that she enjoys in particular is having easy access to local food producers. Having access to some of Canada's best tasting locally grown produce and meat gives her the opportunity to fuel her obsession of being in the kitchen.

Kayla loves cooking for people, especially when she gets to try new things and just make up her own recipes on the fly. She has great taste buds and can recreate a dish just by letting her taste buds tell her what is missing. Kayla always tests her skills in the kitchen and and tries something new at least once a week. Like an artist, she finds it exhilarating to anticipate what her audience will think of her new creation, and more importantly what sort of facial expression they will give when sinking into the first bite.

When Kayla is not cooking she is aspiring to be a woman that others can look up to and seek for help and comfort. She is always the friend that gives great advice and will stay up past midnight helping you solve a real head scratcher. She believes that everyone has worth and deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Each day Kayla aims to share her values with her community as she continues down the path as an entrepreneur.

Victor Pidkowich | Customer Experience Pioneer

Victor is a unique person. He grew up in the coldest city in Canada, Yellowknife Northwest Territories. He has picked up many names over the years including Polar Bear Of The Prairies. In high school he was even nicknamed 'Shmo (short for Eskimo), even though he is English-Ukrainian descent and has only eaten whale blubber once in his life.

Victor has been an entrepreneur from an early age, buying and selling things in the local classifieds paper and on eBay since he was 13. Most of the families of his closest friends' in the Northwest Territories owned some the largest companies in the Territories and northern Alberta. Some of these companies included plane, helicopter, trucking and accounting firms. Many of which were popularized on such shows as Ice Road Truckers and Arctic Air. Victor spent much time with these families and learnt many of their values and what it takes to make a business a success. He also feels proud to come from the same lineage that started the chicken plant in Wynyard and the creamery in Keliher which are key economic drivers of their areas.

When Victor and his family decided to move back to Saskatchewan in 2006, he began building websites for people all over the world. He taught himself how to code websites and soon fell into a niche of classified and auction based websites (this was before the era of Kijiji). This lead Victor to get to know some very influential people, including the , the owner of the largest internet marketing firms in Montreal and the lead videographer for CSI (the TV Show) who owns the largest vacation rental website in Jersey Shore.

Victor used his earning from web design and marketing to build his own motorcycle classifieds website which outpaced Autotrader in activity by the time he was 18. In 2009 he sold it to a company in Niagara Falls and used his gains to purchase his first rental home in the neighbourhood of Uplands, Regina. This was a dream come true for Victor since he wanted to buy rental homes since he was 13.

Victor has always stayed on the leading edge of internet marketing as well as real estate investing. He continues to do marketing services for local businesses in Regina and has been a member of the largest Real Estate Investment Network in Canada since 2009. Victor now merges his passion for of real estate and marketing into the SunnySide brand. He feels that the way most property management companies market and operate their businesses is extremely dated and hopes to bring a new experience to Regina and other cities in Canada.

When Victor isn't nerding it up over marketing or real estate, you can often find him in the kitchen cooking up savory meals. Victor's family roots in agriculture as well as his deep belief in producing value shows up not only in his businesses but in his food as well. "If your going to do something, knock it out of the park".

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