Are You A Property Owner In Regina? Have You Always Wanted To Have A Better Experience For Your Renters But Don’t Have The Time Or Manpower To Do It?

Well your in luck! SunnySide Rentals is proud to offer property owners like you the opportunity to step on over to the SunnySide of Property management and become apart of an exclusive club of like minded property owners that are interested in delivering the best rental experience in Regina and area.

Have your property managed and marketed under the famous SunnySide Rentals Brand.

Why Have Your Property Managed By Us?

  1. Increased cash flow - ability to charge a higher rent under our brand
  2. Reduced turn over costs from acquiring good long term tenants
  3. Reduced property maintenance costs from acquiring good tenants that respect their homes
  4. Reduce headache of dealing with lousy tenants.
  5. Our service pays for itself - show numbers for this in how the higher rental income covers our service and then sum.
  6. Receive better tenants
  7. Straight forward fee. No hidden charges.

How's It Work?


  1. You fill in an application by hitting the large Blue button bellow.
  2. Then we review your application and determine if you meet our guidelines
  3. We call and ask a few questions and arrange to meet and review your property
  4. We Give you a final grade and you either pass or fail. If you fail, we give recommendations as to how you can improve and try again in the future.
  5. If you pass, Congradulate yourself on knowing you are in the minority of Regina’s quality homes. After some paper work we immediately go to work setting up your marketing strategy.
  6. You sit back and allow us to do the work of a full service property management company all under the Brand people have come to know and trust.

What’s In the Service?

  1. Full marketing strategy - we combine our internet marketing background with our real estate background to create a truly custom course of action for every one of our properties.
  2. We Take all the things that are unique and powerful about your property and pack it into solid benefits that will translate into better customer acquisition
  3. We determine the best likely demographics and tenant that would fit your property then we tailor the marketing to that person so we can speak their language and grab more of their attention.
  4. Full service marketing - We have an internet marketing bakground and use that knowledge to create a truly unique experience and customer acquisition like no body else has seen before.
  5. Custom decal to place on your window
  6. Custom lawn sign

How Much Does It Cost?

We keep things simple:

  • 10% of gross rent/mo
  • One time setup fee - depends on the property size. This includes creating marketing materials and advertising.
  • Profit maximizer? Maybe a higher rental package where it will get blasted to our email list, social accounts, pro her photos, stays on our website so long as monthly membership

Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Ranks Of Regina’s Best Managed Properties?

However, it does have to pass the test as we only manage properties that will meet our customer’s needs. Here is a brief overview of the things w will be looking at:

These criteria are:

  1. Location

    1. Close to amenities
    2. Safe and quiet
    3. Great neighbours (we even go and interview the neighbours to ensure the location and the people around you are friendly and great to get along with)
  2. Quality

    1. Functional - through actually living in our own properties and similar properties are we able to point out where things could be improved upon. Whether its where to have furniture or if there's enough counter space, we make sure that all the little things are taken into consideration so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest. We will simulate key living activities to ensure it meets our quality. For example, trying to reach for a bowl. We had one property we viewed that met all our criteria and was completely renovated but the cabinets were installed far too high. Even for me at 5’ 9” I could only reach the first half and needed a ladder to reach the other 4 shelves on every cabinet in the kitchen… needless to say this property did not meet our criteria.
    2. Clean and safe - mold free, smell free, stain free, asbestos free, sturdy railings
    3. Modern - must be up to date and look with the times. This includes colors, and trims. Sometimes older properties have great materials in them, that's not to say these materials will age the property, its how the rest of the home looks that will determine if its dated. For Example, an older home with great wood beams throughout will greatly accent modern tones of paint rather than a dated orange paint that has lost its color. This also includes checking the appliances
    4. Spacious
    5. Energy efficient? Are the breaker panels updated? Are there LED bulbs? Are the appliances rated for energy savings? We give the property an overall check to see if all the utilities are going to be within a comfortable price range.
  3. Management

    1. Friendly
    2. Timely
    3. Dedicated
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