Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked! The name SunnySide comes from Kayla's family farm where she grew up just outside of MacNutt, Saskatchewan. It was named that because the farm homestead is positioned in such a way that anytime of day there is always sunshine on the homestead.

Her family placed a great deal of love and energy into making this a place to call home. The farm now stands as a symbol of dedication and signs of the families efforts for the last 100 years can be seen everywhere you turn.

Whether it be the large red barn full of fuzzy kittens, the garden bursting with fresh vegetables or the green from all the thick elm trees surrounding the home, you know that much love and commitment went into making this patch of dirt into a place to be proud of.

Upon visiting Kayla's family farm, you immediately feel a sense of warmth wash away all your worries.

Calling the business SunnySide Rentals seemed natural since what we aim to deliver to our valued customer (that's you!) is the same relaxing feeling when renting one of our homes.

We're kind hearted folk that grew up in small towns where people wave to each other on the roads and agreements are settled on the trust of a handshake.We believe that conducting business in an honestly, ethically, and morally transparent way is the only way to a successful relationship. Plus we're just all around friendly people.

We see SunnySide as more than just a name, its lifestyle that stems back 100 years of heritage. It's a lifestyle that puts commitment to providing value at the top of the list.

The Short answer is we do both. We have our properties we own and rent out, as well as rent out other people's properties that meet our Brighter Living StandardTM.

JML properties is the company that sunny side trusts to keep the wheels on the management experience. Since our core focus to deliver the best rental experience in Regina, we knew that we had to find someone with a good handle on talking to customers. We have partnered with them because we felt like they were the best managers in the city. SunnySide takes care of the marketing and branding, while JML handles all the inquiries once you are a customer renting from one of the properties that we advertise.

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