Our Journey

SunnySide Rentals is the creation of Victor Pidkowich (that's me!) and my lovely partner Kayla Adam. Both of us have had our fair share of rental experiences. Some were too mediocre, some were too uncomfortable, and none were just right.

We have personally rented from some of the largest rental companies in Regina as well as several independent owners. We have seen much of what is out there in Regina. In fact, there was a period from 2013 to 2015 where I (Victor) had changed where I was living every 6 months! I would barely get settled in, then something about the way they were managed wouldn't sit well with me. So I'd pack up and start the hunt all over again. (I know... I've been told how crazy I am for wanting the "perfect rental experience")

Kayla on the other hand seemed to have luck with finding properties with good locations but they were always dated. There was even one that was right across from Candy Cane Park, where can I vividly remember watching her unplug the microwave just to use the oven without kicking out the old breaker panel with the date 1959 stamped on it.

Years of Management Experience

While I have rented for some time, I have also been a property owner since 2009 managing my own properties. In 2008 I flew out to Vancouver to learn the Accredited Canadian Real Estate System (ACRE for short). It is taught through REIN Canada by some of the top real estate professionals in the country which include property managers, investors, realtors, and everyone in between. To this day Kayla and myself remain members of this dedicated group of people that are constantly seeking better ways to make you the customer happier and more comfortable in your home.

I like to think that renting as well as owning at the same time has given us a unique perspective that allows us to identify and improve on the overall renting experience. With our combined experience and our dedication to providing Regina with a better rental experience we launched SunnySide Rentals in Spring of 2016.

Where Does The Name Come From?

Glad you asked! The name SunnySide comes from Kayla's family farm where she grew up just outside of MacNutt, Saskatchewan. It was named that because the farm homestead is positioned in such a way that anytime of day there is always sunshine on the homestead.

Her family placed a great deal of love and energy into making this a place to call home. The farm now stands as a symbol of dedication and signs of the families efforts for the last 100 years can be seen everywhere you turn.

Whether it be the large red barn full of fuzzy kittens, the garden bursting with fresh vegetables or the green from all the thick elm trees surrounding the home, you know that much love and commitment went into making this patch of dirt into a place to be proud of.

Upon visiting Kayla's family farm, you immediately feel a sense of warmth wash away all your worries.

Calling the business SunnySide Rentals seemed natural since what we aim to deliver to our valued customer (that's you!) is the same relaxing feeling when renting one of our homes.

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